Can You Put Airsoft Guns in Checked Luggage: Definitive Answer

If you’re an avid airsoft player, you may occasionally want to play far from the place you live in. In order to do so, you probably want to find a way to transport your airsoft guns and equipment. Don’t worry, because in this article we answer the question of can you put airsoft guns in checked luggage. Let’s dive in.

Can You Put Airsoft Guns in Checked Luggage?

Within the US, you can safely transport airsoft guns (as well as real firearms) on a plane. It’s best to put your guns in a locked gun case or a solid hard-sided container. You could put airsoft guns in the checked luggage as well, but you’re risking being called back or having your airsoft guns damaged by TSA personnel.

Not all airsoft guns can be transported by plane, though. Green gas, CO2, and propane are not allowed on a plane since they’re flammable. Therefore, gas-powered guns using those can’t be transported on a plane.

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You can put more than one airsoft gun in the gun case, as well as magazines, airsoft pellets, tactical gear, optics, or any other gun attachments. In fact, you can put as many guns and equipment in the gun case as it will fit, as long as the overall weight is under 50 lbs (23 kg). The airsoft guns are not required to have an orange tip, so if you have removed it there’s nothing to worry about.

When it comes to transporting airsoft guns internationally, laws differ widely. Every country has their own laws regarding the legality of using and transporting airsoft guns. Therefore, before traveling outside the US, be sure to look up the laws of the country you’re traveling to. Check with your airline since they’ll know the regulations better.

Let’s dive deeper into how to transport airsoft guns on a plane.

But First, What Are Airsoft Guns and Are They Legal?

Airsoft guns are nothing more than toy guns designed to closely resemble real guns. Unlike real guns, airsoft guns shoot small, round, plastic pellets that generally aren’t dangerous. After all, they’re specifically made to be shot at other people.

These guns are used in the sport of airsoft, which is a combat game that simulates real-life combat. Airsoft offers combat enthusiasts the opportunity and thrill of taking a part in something that closely resembles real-life combat, without actually any of the dangers of real-life combat.

Airsoft guns are completely legal in a large majority of the US and in most of the world. In fact, in the US there aren’t even age requirements for children playing airsoft.

How To Transport Airsoft Guns on a Plane?

Let’s go into more details about how to transport airsoft guns on a plane. This part applies to traveling within the borders of the US. Laws differ in other countries, so what you will read here may not be necessarily true for traveling to other countries. Also, this article doesn’t include gas-powered guns that use green gas, CO2, or propane, since those are more difficult to transport on an airplane.

There are two options you have to transport airsoft guns. You can put them in a locked gun case, or you can put them in a regular bag with the rest of your checked luggage. You can’t carry airsoft guns in carry-on baggage.

If you were transporting real firearms, you would have to put it in a gun case or in a solid hard-sided container that has to be locked at a few points. The real gun would have to be put separate from the ammo. You can’t transport real firearms with the rest of your checked luggage.

When it comes to airsoft guns, they’re considered as replica guns by the TSA. Therefore, the laws are more ambiguous. The safe option is to put it in a gun case or a solid container and lock it, just as you would real guns. That way you won’t face any problems. You may, however, have to take the gun case through security screening.

You can put multiple guns and other airsoft equipment in the same gun case, as long as it doesn’t surpass a certain weight, set by the airline. The standard weight limit is 50 lbs (23 kg), but some airlines may have a different limit. The airsoft guns should be unloaded, with the magazines not inserted. Orange tips are not required.

Some people advice that you always declare your airsoft guns as real firearms. In that case, employees will be more careful with it and there’s basically zero chance that they lose it.

The other option is to put it in as checked luggage and not declare them. This way you’ll save the money that you would otherwise spend on a gun case. However, the problem is that you may get called to clarify some questions about your airsoft gun and may have to go through TSA security again. The gun may also be damaged by TSA personnel.

After you land at your destination, simply pick up the gun case at the carousel with the rest of the baggage.

For any questions you may have, it’s best to contact your airline, since they’re the ones who are best equipped to answer those.

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You can safely transport your airsoft guns with you on a plane, at least within US borders. In this article, we discuss possible ways to do so.

While you can’t carry them in carry-on baggage, you can put them in a gun case and put it in checked luggage. You can also put it in a normal bag and not declare it, but that has risks of its own.