Can You Turn an Airsoft Gun Into a Real One: Definitive Answer

A fairly common question regarding airsoft guns is that of can you turn an airsoft gun into a real one. In this article, we’ll answer that question in detail, as well as why you shouldn’t ever try to convert airsoft guns into real ones.

Let’s dive in.

Can you turn an airsoft gun into a real one

Can You Turn an Airsoft Gun Into a Real One?

Theoretically, depending on your definition of what turning means, it might be possible to turn an airsoft gun into something that works like a real one. However, that would be extremely dangerous, impractical, illegal, unpredictable, expensive, and quite honestly, plain stupid. Also, it’s highly doubtful that the end result is something useful. Even if you somehow manage to shoot a real bullet, it’s unpredictable where the bullet would go or if the gun survives the firing.

An important question is what do you think converting is? You could convert a table into a car, if you remove all the useless table parts and add all the parts necessary for a car to function. If you add a lot of additional parts to an airsoft gun, is that converting it or is it building a real gun from (almost) scratch?

So, what does an airsoft gun need in order to shoot real bullets? An airsoft gun would need to incorporate a firing pin so that the bullet will fire. Even if you do this, it’s likely that the force created when the bullet is fired for the first time will blow up the airsoft gun. This is because the airsoft gun is made from cheaper materials and is not designed to endure such a force.

And it’s not like that one shot will be accurate. The gun will likely explode in your hand and hurt you. Parts from the gun will end up on your body and face. So, even if you manage to turn your airsoft gun into a real one, it wouldn’t be useful at all, not even for a single firing.

Not only is converting extremely dangerous and practically impossible, but it’s also illegal. Trying to do so could get you in trouble. And it doesn’t make sense from a financial standpoint either. The costs of turning an airsoft gun into a real one could surpass that of just buying a real gun.

The Differences Between Airsoft and Real Guns

The differences between airsoft and real guns are vast. Airsoft guns are basically toy guns that very closely resemble real-life firearms. In fact, they look so similar that manufacturers of airsoft guns are required to put an orange tip on their products in order for them to be distinguishable from real guns. However, the resemblance between those two is in looks only.

When it comes to functionality, while real guns can kill, airsoft guns usually only sting a little bit. In extreme cases, airsoft guns can cause more injuries (mainly if they hit a naked eye), but that’s easily avoidable by simply wearing the necessary equipment. They’re simply not designed to kill or to be used for self defense.

Unlike real guns, airsoft guns shoot round, plastic, and tiny (6 mm in diameter) pellets. While these can go relatively fast, they’re still made from plastic and weigh only 0.1-0.4 grams. Therefore, the damage they can cause is limited.

Airsoft guns are also completely legal in most of the US and in most of the world. There aren’t even age requirements for using them, even 10-year-olds can and do play airsoft. You don’t need a license to own or buy an airsoft gun, you can buy them in any store just as any other product.

Keep in mind that airsoft guns are designed to be used in combat games, so that enthusiasts can feel the thrill of combat without being danger. Just like paintball markers, they are specifically made to be shot at other people without causing harm. They’re much safer than even BB guns.

As you see, apart from looks, there’s no similarity to real guns whatsoever. Now that you know that, let’s dive into how airsoft guns work compared to real guns.

How Do Airsoft Guns Work?

By generating pressurized air, airsoft guns create a force that propels the pellets out of the gun barrel. Depending on the way by which the gun generates pressurized air, there are 3 main types of airsoft guns: electric, gas, and spring guns. Each of those have their own pros and cons.

Electric airsoft guns are the most popular option. They are battery-powered, and they use a motor to pull back a piston which compresses the air behind the pellet, therefore firing it out of the gun.

Gas airsoft guns use compressed gas to propel the pellet from the gun. The gases that can be used are green gas, CO2, and HPA.

Spring airsoft guns need you to cock your gun by hand for every shot. The rate of shooting will be slower due to this.

In real firearms, after you pull the trigger, the released firing pin strikes an explosive charge. The explosive ignites gunpowder, and the pressure propels the bullet out of the barrel.

While both real and airsoft guns propel their ammo from the gun to the target, the way they do that differs significantly. This makes converting an airsoft gun into a real one a difficult task.

Can Airsoft Guns Fire Real Bullets?

Theoretically, if you modify airsoft guns enough it could fire a real bullet. However, it likely won’t be an accurate shot and the target will likely stay unscathed. Even worse, the gun will probably explode upon the first time it’s fired. Parts from it will blow up in your hand, body, and face, and could potentially even kill you. Needless to say, don’t try to turn an airsoft gun into a real one under no circumstances.


Converting an airsoft gun into a real one might be possible in a way, depending on what your definition of converting is. However, the end result is unlikely to be something useful. The “real gun” that you get this way probably won’t be able to fire an accurate shot, and is likely to blow up in your hand upon the first firing.

The list of why trying to turn an airsoft gun into a real one is a bad idea is long. For starters, it’s dangerous both for the person firing it and those around them, illegal, expensive, and impractical.