Ian van Doorn

Hi there, I’m Ian and I’m the guy behind Airsoft Freaks. I started playing airsoft as a teenager more than 15 years ago and haven’t looked back since.

I guess that playing and endlessly watching airsoft YouTube videos wasn’t enough to fulfill my airsoft passion, so I created Airsoft Freaks, where I write about all the stuff I learned during my years as an airsofter.

My goal is to cover everything there is about airsoft and to make Airsoft Freaks a one-stop resource for everything airsoft related. I’m hoping to include all the basics you need to get into airsoft, the intermediate stuff you’ll need after you play airsoft a couple of times, and finally some topics that will be appropriate for even the most experienced airsofters. I also create reviews and lists of the best airsoft products there are, regardless of your level.

So, whether you’re a newbie or someone like me that’s been playing airsoft for the better part of your life, Airsoft Freaks is the place for you. I hope that you will find what you’re looking for. And if you don’t, no worries. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or through our contact page if you have any ideas about topics I haven’t covered or any questions you may have about airsoft, and I’ll try to answer those as soon as I can.

Enough about me, it’s time for you to dive into Airsoft Freaks and become a better airsofter. If you’re not sure where to start, this is the page for beginners into airsoft. If you want some of the most common questions about airsoft answered, check out our FAQ page. And if you’re looking to buy an airsoft gun or a piece of equipment, check out our reviews of the best airsoft guns and equipment.

Get into it, and who knows, maybe one day we’ll have the opportunity to battle together.

Welcome to the Airsoft Freaks army!

How We Make Our Reviews

In order to make the reviews as reliable as possible, I’m continuously testing all the products we recommend.

I’ve personally tried and tested over 90% of the recommended products on Airsoft Freaks. In addition, I’ve consulted many experienced airsofters. Lastly, I’ve looked and analyzed other blogs and the products they recommend, so that I don’t miss a good product.

All of this is done to give you the best possible recommendations for your next airsoft gun or any equipment.