What Do Airsoft Guns Shoot: Definitive Guide to Airsoft Ammo

A common question among airsoft newbies is that of what do airsoft guns shoot. The type of ammo used is important, since that affects how safe airsoft is.

In this article, we’re going to dive deep into the world of airsoft BBs – those tiny projectiles that make our games so exciting. We’ll explore what they’re made of, how they work, and why choosing the right ones can make a huge difference in your game.

So, strap in and let’s get started!

What do airsoft guns shoot

What Do Airsoft Guns Shoot: An In-Depth Look

The Basics: Understanding Airsoft BBs

Let’s start with the basics. Airsoft guns shoot small spherical projectiles known as BBs. Now, don’t get confused with the BBs used in BB guns. They’re not the same. Airsoft BBs are typically 6mm in diameter, a standard size that fits most airsoft guns.

Material Composition of Airsoft BBs

Airsoft BBs are usually made of plastic. But not just any plastic. They’re made of a specific type called Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).

It’s a tough and impact-resistant material, perfect for surviving the high-speed launch from your airsoft gun and the subsequent impact.

Different Sizes and Weights of Airsoft BBs

Airsoft BBs come in different weights, ranging from as light as 0.12 grams to as heavy as 0.43 grams or more. The weight you choose can significantly affect your game.

Lighter BBs tend to fly faster but are more affected by wind and obstacles. Heavier BBs, on the other hand, fly slower but have better accuracy and range.

Some of the best airsoft BBs you can find are the non-biodegradable Elite Force Premium 6mm Airsoft BBs and their biodegradable counterpart BBs. You can check out our review of the best airsoft BBs for all the best options you can choose from.

Elite Force Premium 6mm Airsoft BBs
A bottle with 5,000 airsoft BBs

The Role of BB Weight in Airsoft Gun Performance

Choosing the right BB weight for your airsoft gun can make a world of difference. For example, if you’re using a high-powered airsoft sniper rifle, you’ll want to use heavier BBs for better accuracy at long ranges.

On the flip side, if you’re running and gunning with an airsoft pistol or SMG, lighter BBs will give you a higher rate of fire.

Remember, the key is to match the BB weight to your style of play and the type of airsoft gun you’re using. It’s all about finding the right balance that works for you. And trust me, when you find that sweet spot, you’ll notice the difference in your game.

So there you have it, a deep dive into what airsoft guns shoot. But we’re just getting started. In the next section, we’ll explore the different types of airsoft guns and the specific BBs each type shoots. Stay tuned!

Types of Airsoft Guns and Their Ammo

Spring-Powered Airsoft Guns

Let’s kick things off with spring-powered airsoft guns. These are the simplest type of airsoft guns and a great starting point for beginners. They work by using a spring mechanism to propel the BB.

You have to manually cock the gun before each shot, which can be a bit of a workout but also adds a layer of realism to the game.

Spring-powered guns can shoot a variety of BB weights, but I’ve found that they work best with lighter BBs, around the 0.12 to 0.20-gram range.

This is because they typically don’t have as much power as gas or electric guns, so a lighter BB will help you get the most range and speed out of each shot.

Gas-Powered Airsoft Guns

Next up, we have gas-powered airsoft guns. These bad boys use compressed gas to shoot the BBs, which gives them a lot more power and allows for semi-automatic or even fully automatic fire.

This means you can keep shooting without having to cock the gun each time, which can give you a big advantage in a firefight.

Because of their increased power, gas-powered guns can handle heavier BBs. I usually recommend something in the 0.20 to 0.30-gram range for these guns. The heavier BBs will help you get better accuracy and range, especially if you’re playing outdoors where wind can be a factor.

Electric Airsoft Guns (AEGs)

Last but certainly not least, we have electric airsoft guns, also known as AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns).

These are the most common type of airsoft guns and are powered by a rechargeable battery that drives an electric motor. This allows for semi-automatic and fully automatic fire, just like the gas-powered guns.

AEGs are versatile and can handle a wide range of BB weights. However, I’ve found that they perform best with BBs in the 0.20 to 0.28-gram range. This gives you a good balance of speed, range, and accuracy.

The Specific BBs Each Type Shoots

So, to recap, here’s a quick rundown of the best BB weights for each type of airsoft gun:

  • Spring-powered guns: 0.12 to 0.20 grams
  • Gas-powered guns: 0.20 to 0.30 grams
  • Electric guns (AEGs): 0.20 to 0.28 grams

Remember, these are just guidelines. The best BB weight for your gun can depend on a variety of factors, including the specific model of your gun, the conditions you’re playing in, and your personal preferences.

So don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you.

And that’s it for this section. In the next part, we’ll dive into the impact of airsoft BBs, including how far and fast they can travel and the damage they can cause. Stay tuned!

The Impact of Airsoft BBs

How Far and Fast Can Airsoft BBs Travel?

One of the first things you might wonder about airsoft BBs is how far and fast they can travel. Well, I can tell you from years of experience that it depends on a few factors.

The power of your airsoft gun, the weight of the BB, and even the weather conditions can all affect the range and speed of your shots.

On average, a standard airsoft gun can shoot a BB at speeds of around 300 to 400 feet per second (FPS). In terms of distance, a BB shot from a high-powered airsoft gun can travel as far as 200 feet or more.

But remember, the lighter the BB, the more it will be affected by wind and other factors, which can reduce its range and accuracy.

The Damage Airsoft BBs Can Cause

Now, let’s talk about the damage. Despite being small and lightweight, airsoft BBs can still pack a punch. Getting hit by one can sting, especially if it hits bare skin. But don’t worry, they’re not designed to cause serious injury.

That said, it’s still important to wear proper protective gear when playing airsoft. Trust me, getting hit in the eye with a BB is not fun.

Safety Measures When Shooting Airsoft BBs

Safety should always be your top priority when playing airsoft. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up over the years:

  • Always wear protective gear, including goggles or a full-face mask to protect your eyes and face.
  • Never shoot at people who aren’t playing or who aren’t wearing protective gear.
  • Always treat your airsoft gun as if it’s loaded. Never point it at anything you don’t intend to shoot.
  • When not in use, always keep your airsoft gun on safety and keep your finger off the trigger.

Remember, airsoft is all about having fun and being safe. So always respect the rules of the game and the safety of others.

And that’s it for this section. In the next part, we’ll discuss how to choose the right airsoft BBs for your gun. So stay tuned!

Choosing the Right Airsoft BBs for Your Gun

Factors to Consider When Choosing Airsoft BBs

Choosing the right BBs for your airsoft gun is a bit like choosing the right ammo for a real firearm. You need to consider a few factors to make sure you’re getting the best performance out of your gun. Here are a few things I always look at:

  • Weight: As I mentioned earlier, the weight of the BB can affect its speed, range, and accuracy. Lighter BBs are faster but less accurate, while heavier BBs are slower but more accurate.
  • Quality: Not all BBs are created equal. Some are perfectly round and smooth, while others might have seams or imperfections that can affect their flight. I always recommend going for high-quality BBs, even if they cost a bit more.
  • Type of Gun: Different types of airsoft guns can handle different weights of BBs. For example, high-powered sniper rifles usually perform best with heavier BBs, while pistols and SMGs might be better off with lighter BBs.

You can consult the following chart to help you choose the optimal weight.

The Importance of Testing Different BBs

One thing I’ve learned from years of playing airsoft is that there’s no substitute for testing. Every gun is unique, and what works best for one might not work as well for another.

So don’t be afraid to try out different BBs and see how they perform. You might be surprised at what you find.

And that’s it for this section. I hope this guide has helped you understand more about what airsoft guns shoot and how to choose the right BBs for your gun. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and stay safe. Happy shooting!


Are Airsoft BBs Reusable?

While it’s technically possible to reuse airsoft BBs, I wouldn’t recommend it. BBs can get damaged or dirty after being fired, which can affect their performance and potentially damage your gun. It’s best to use fresh BBs each time.

Can Airsoft BBs Break Glass?

Airsoft BBs are unlikely to break standard window glass, especially if they’re the lighter, plastic kind. However, they could potentially crack or chip weaker or thinner glass, so it’s best to avoid shooting at glass objects just to be safe.

What Happens If You Get Hit by an Airsoft BB?

Getting hit by an airsoft BB can sting a bit, especially if it hits bare skin. However, they’re not designed to cause serious injury. Wearing proper protective gear, including goggles and a full-face mask, can help prevent any discomfort or injury.


So there you have it, a comprehensive look at what airsoft guns shoot. From the basics of airsoft BBs to the impact they can have, we’ve covered it all. Remember, choosing the right BBs for your airsoft gun can make a world of difference in your game.

So take the time to experiment and find what works best for you. Stay safe, have fun, and happy shooting!