Can Airsoft Guns Kill Humans: Definitive Answer

If you or your child are looking to get into airsoft, it makes sense that you worry about the dangers of airsoft guns. In this article, we’ll answer in detail the question of can airsoft guns kill humans. Let’s dive in.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill Humans?

Airsoft guns can’t kill humans. There’s not a single recorded case of a person being shot to death by an airsoft gun. These guns shoot small and plastic pellets, which despite their high velocity aren’t nearly powerful enough to kill a human. In fact, the only way an airsoft gun can kill a person is if someone took one and basically beat another person to death with it.

Perhaps the greatest danger of airsoft guns comes from showing them off in public. Keep in mind that airsoft guns closely resemble real guns in look, and most people won’t be able to distinguish between them.

Because of this, walking around with a visible airsoft gun can cause people to panic, and some of them may even pull out a real gun in self-defense. This is a recipe for disaster. In fact, there are a couple of cases where cops or civilians shot at people with airsoft guns in self-defense. That’s why airsoft guns should only be used at an airsoft field, and should be in a gun case or a bag outside of those places.

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Airsoft guns can’t kill, but they can be painful and even cause injuries, if the people playing are being irresponsible and aren’t wearing the necessary protection. This is easily avoidable though, by simply following the safety guidelines.

While airsoft guns can’t kill people, they could prove deadly to animals. Maybe not a bigger animal, but a small animal such as a squirrel, rodent, or a small bird could potentially be killed by an airsoft pellet, if it hits the wrong place.

In this article we’ll dive deeper into the type of dangers that come with airsoft guns, and more importantly, how to completely deal with those dangers. Let’s begin.

What Even Are Airsoft Guns?

Airsoft guns are essentially toy guns that are made to resemble real firearms as closely as possible. But, unlike real guns, airsoft guns shoot tiny, light, plastic pellets that can’t kill a human.

They’re not designed for self defense. Instead, they’re designed to be shot at other people for recreation.

These replica guns are used in the sport of airsoft, which is a combat game that simulates real-life combat. The beauty of airsoft is that it offers combat enthusiasts the opportunity and thrill of taking a part in something that closely resembles real-life combat, without actually any of the dangers of real-life combat.

Airsoft guns are completely legal in a large majority of the US and in most of the world. In fact, in the US there aren’t even age requirements for children playing airsoft.

Can Airsoft Guns Hurt You?

Airsoft guns can hurt you only if you’re not following basic safety guidelines. While they can’t kill, the most damage airsoft guns can do is injuring your eyes. To get shot in a naked eye is the worst thing that can happen to you in airsoft, so wearing eye protection is a must.

Apart from the eyes, you don’t want to be shot in sensitive areas such as the ears, neck or teeth (it could chip your tooth). Other areas where it would be painful to be shot are the fingernails, knuckles, and the tip of the penis.

Generally, being shot on exposed skin can be painful. That’s why you should leave no skin exposed when airsofting. Ankle injuries can also happen in airsoft, since many of the airsoft fields are in wooded areas.

How To Stay Completely Safe in Airsoft?

While airsoft guns have some dangers, these are easily avoidable by just following a few simple rules. The most important are those that involve wearing protective gear.

Without a doubt, the most important body part you need to protect are your eyes. You need to always wear at least eye goggles. They should be fully sealed so no pellet can go through. Avoid mesh goggles since part of the pellet could potentially still go through them.

Your best option for goggles are the Valken Sierra Tactical Goggles, while the Valken ECHO Tactical Goggles are the best cheap option. You can find more solid options in our best airsoft goggles review.

While goggles are the minimum safety, a full-face mask is strongly recommended. With it, you will protect not just your eyes, but also your teeth and ears, which are other sensitive parts on your face. The very best mask to get is very likely the Dye i4 Airsoft Full Face Mask, and if you’re looking for a budget option you can get the the Evike Annex MI-7 ANSI Rated Full Face Mask. Once again, you can find more good options in our best airsoft masks review.

You don’t need to wear any special clothes, but the clothes you wear should leave no skin exposed. Gloves are also strongly recommended in order to protect your fingernails and knuckles. Boots with ankle support are recommended, since there are wooden areas with trees and logs in most airsoft fields.

Another crucial thing to have in mind is to never show off your airsoft guns in public. As stated already, they’re very difficult to differentiate from real guns and could easily create a panic if they’re visible in public. Avoid instances when cops or civilians pull out real firearms in self-defense by always carrying airsoft guns in gun cases or bags, and only using them on sanctioned airsoft fields.

In addition to not showing them off in public, you should handle airsoft guns in the same way as you would real guns in other aspects too. That means keeping the finger off the trigger unless you want to shoot, always pointing the airsoft gun in a safe direction, keeping the gun’s safety on unless you want to shoot, and similar.

All of the mentioned should be common sense. Therefore, it’s pretty easy to avoid the dangers of airsoft and to safely enjoy the thrill it brings.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill Animals?

Airsoft guns can kill some smaller animals. While they aren’t deadly for humans or larger animals, they could prove to be so for small animals such as squirrels. Whether an airsoft gun kills an animal depends on a lot of factors, most importantly the place on the animal body that the pellet hits, the velocity and weight of the pellet, as well as the distance from which the animal is shot.

Regardless of whether they can or can’t kill an animal, you should never use airsoft guns to shoot animals. Even if they aren’t killed, airsoft pellets will likely cause a lot of pain and even injuries to small animals.

Airsoft guns are designed to be used in the game of airsoft and to be shot at other people for recreational purposes, and never to be shot at animals.


In this article we discussed if airsoft guns could be deadly. As stated, they can’t kill humans. However, they can hurt or injure them. We also discussed the dangers of airsoft and how to avoid them by always the precautions in order to stay safe.